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A little bit of Information about us....

We are Swindon's finest and longest established blind company.  Established in 1975, our founder was a pioneer in the relatively new and fast growing market of blinds. Starting off providing blinds and awnings around the area, we now provide blinds and curtains to a huge range of commercial clients all over the country, travelling anywhere that we are required to go! We are still a family run business, even after 45 years of trading, and now with the 4th generation entering the business we are looking to innovate and move forward like never before, providing customer care and satisfaction in every area. We now manufacture and install bespoke blinds a of all shapes, sizes, colours and specifications but always of the highest quality. 

Our customers return to us time and again because of our faultless attention to detail and integrity, as well as the fact we provide only the highest quality products, completing projects on time and at competitive prices. We provide blinds, curtains and other shading solutions for a huge range of clients including some of the most high profile and prestigious Schools, Colleges and Universities in the country, some of the largest and most influential Companies and Corporations with multiple offices all over the country, some of the most successful Fit-out, Construction and Facilities Management organisations based in London and elsewhere, as well as hundreds of local customers including schools, businesses, public organisations, charities and government departments such as councils. One thing defines the way we act towards all of our variety of customers and that is that we treat all of them the same, whether it be a project involving 100's of blinds or just 1, we can guarantee that we will give each of our customers the same personal care and attention that they deserve.

As well as providing bespoke solar shading solutions to offices, factories, schools, colleges, libraries, government departments and many other commercial buildings, we also give advice on all shading solutions from our vast wealth of experience and we provide excellent on-going customer support. Please don't hesitate to contact us for blinds in Swindon, Cheltenham, Bristol, London and anywhere in between!


We are committed to providing only high quality goods and services. You can rest assured that even if our prices are very competitive we are giving you only high quality products. We will not compromise on quality. 


This is perhaps the single most important value in our business.  We are are based around the principle of integrity and everything that the word encapsulates which includes honesty and high values - we will never sell you an inferior product or supply you with an inferior service.


We were established in 1975 and some of the members of the business have been involved in blinds for over 50 years so we have almost unrivalled experience and expertise that we are ready to share with you. In the words of one of our customers; 'What they don't know about blinds isn't worth knowing'.


Service - We provide the service of a small business and we are committed to helping our customers in every way possible.

Expertise - With more than 45 years of experience in the field, we know our industry like the back of our hands.  Some members of the business have been in the shading industry for over 50 years so we certainly know what we are talking about!

Professionalism - We treat our customers in the way that we value them - very highly.

Quality - We are committed to providing robust shading systems that will last, which is shown in the confidence we have in our products by offering a 7 year guarantee on certain systems.

Pricing - Despite the superior quality and excellent service that we offer, we are always competitive in our pricing, and never compromise on quality.

Project Management - Give us a deadline and we will do our utmost to meet it, working around the clock if necessary, without having to be continually chivied along.

Sustainability - We endeavour to be as sustainable as possible, by recycling our plastic waste and all of our paper and cardboard.  We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible whilst providing our customers with 100% satisfaction.


Thamesdown Blinds covers the majority of the South of the country.  Operating from our premises in Swindon, in the north of the county of Wiltshire, we are in a prime location for access to Wales, London, the Midlands, the South and the South West of the country.  We often work in London, and even further east, occasionally travelling into Kent and the South East.  A lot of our work is centred around Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire but we do extensively travel all over the country.  We regularly fit blinds in Melksham, Devizes, Warminster and other towns throughout Wiltshire.  We have been known to travel as far north as Preston and as far west as Plymouth.  Wherever you want us we will do our best to get there!

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