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Here at Thamesdown Blinds we have an extremely fast growing presence in Southampton, manufacturing and installing roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, curtains and much more all over the city. We have hundreds of different options to suit any location or need, all of which are durable and contemporary. We are a manufacture and install company operating all over Southampton so you do not have to worry about anything to do with your blinds if you choose Thamesdown. We will look after your entire project for you from conception to install, all you have to do is contact us initially! We have almost 50 years of experience in the blind industry and have been operating in Southampton for almost as long. We have completed hundreds of projects all over Southampton and the surrounding areas. Whether it be roller blinds in an office or venetian blinds for a boardroom, Thamesdown have all bases covered and have probably successfully completed a similar project before! With hundreds of different fabric options and colours for roller blinds and vertical blinds, from heat reducing fabrics, to the hugely popular screen fabrics and blackout fabrics Thamesdown Blinds in Southampton will always have a solution for your project. 

What types of blinds are popular in Southampton?

There are many different types of blinds that we use in Southampton, please see some of the most popular options and they are so popular below:

Roller blinds - Roller blinds are a highly versatile and contemporary option for window shading. You can fit a roller blind to most windows and it will always provide excellent shading capabilities. There are literally hundreds of different fabrics available for roller blinds so there is always something that will suit the requirements of the clients. There are also many different ways in which roller blinds can be configured to your exact specification. For example roller blinds can have many different control options including standard chain, crank-handle and electrical operation, of which the electrical roller blinds are especially popular in Southampton. 

Vertical blinds - Vertical blinds are extremely practical for covering wide windows in one whole length and are unique because of the adjustable shading that they provide. Vertical blinds are also done in a huge variety of fabrics from blackout to screen fabrics and are suitable for offices, factories, boardrooms and many other applications.

Venetian Blinds - Venetian blinds look sleek, modern and contemporary in offices and boardrooms all over Southampton. They are extremely versatile with the level of shading being adjustable by varying how the slats are tilted. With very large range of slats available including venetian blinds with heat reducing slats and perforated slats, there will always be an solution that suits your requirements.

Wooden Venetian Blinds - These are a more traditional shading solution, but still provide very high quality and effective shading for a huge variety of buildings including offices, meeting rooms and studio's all over Southampton. Wooden venetian blinds can be highly desirable for older-style buildings and decor. 

Blackout Blinds - Fully blackout blinds are necessary in all sorts of locations including laboratories, studios, schools and more all over Southampton. These can be guaranteed to provide 100% light exclusion. Fully cassetted blackout blinds can also be done with a variety of control options including chain, crank handle and electrical. 

Office Blinds in Southampton

Here at Thamesdown we have manufactured, supplied and installed blinds for 100's of clients all across the various areas of Southampton. We have fitted roller blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, venetian blinds, curtains and more for clients in offices all over Southampton. We can fit blinds outside of office hours to ensure that we did not disturb the working operations of the usual staff. We are only too happy to discuss your shading requirements so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why are screen fabric roller blinds so popular in Southampton?

Screen fabric roller blinds are exceptionally popular in Southampton because Screen fabrics have the unique properties of being able to filter the sunlight whilst also letting the natural light filter through. This is highly desirable in many offices blocks where the staff need to be able to see out whilst having certain levels of privacy. This makes screen fabrics hugely popular especially in the many buildings where the issue is not direct sunlight but reflected light of neighbouring buildings. Screen fabrics come in a variety of different openesses such as 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% and this dictates the amount of light that is let through. Screen fabrics also come with heat reducing backings which are especially beneficial in the buildings with large amounts of glass such as office blocks.

Who we sell to in Southampton

We provide to many different clients but we mainly focus on providing our blinds and curtains to office fit-out companies, schools, colleges, universities and any other commercial buildings throughout Southampton and the surrounding area. Our blinds are suitable for not just for what we've mentioned above but also studios, apartments, boardrooms and pretty much every other commercial application that you can think of. The ideal shading solution for your office, apartment or meeting room in Southampton may not be obvious but if its there we will find it! With our huge range of different products to choose from, we can guarantee that there is a roller blind, vertical blind or a venetian blind in one of our many styles or colours that suits your requirements. 

What else we offer in Southampton

And we don't just manufacture and install new blinds in Southampton, we also provide various different services for your shading solutions. One of the most commonly used is our cutting down service. This is aimed at office fit-out companies where budgets do not allow for replacing hundred's of blinds throughout the building. This is where the expertise of Thamesdown Blinds comes in! If you have put a new partition into a window where there was a blind previously it obviously will no longer fit. This means that it either has to be replaced with a new blind which can be extremely difficult to match fabrics and systems, or for a cost-effective, popular and highly successful solution contact us to cut it down and make it fit for you! We can also repair roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds and curtains depending on the availability of spares if budgets are tight. If you want to get the effect of having new blinds, without the expense, then we can provide replacement fabric for vertical blinds or we can recover your roller blinds with a new fabric to completely re-vitalise your workspace.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any type of commercial blinds in Southampton including commercial roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, curtains or any other type of commercial shading in Southampton. We are here to help for any project requiring commercial blinds in Southampton or commercial curtains in Southampton.

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