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Here at Thamesdown Blinds we offer a huge range of blinds including roller blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, pleated blinds and much more.

All of our blinds are manufactured to the very highest quality using only well proven components and manufacturing methods, especially our roller blinds and vertical blinds which are manufactured at our premises in Swindon. Our roller blinds for commercial buildings can be manufactured exactly to your specification with a huge variety of different fabrics and control options for many different applications, including crank handle roller blinds, electrical roller blinds, chain operated roller blinds and spring operated roller blinds.

Our vertical blinds will also be manufactured bespoke to your specification, for example with heavy duty head-rails for commercial buildings with larger windows. Our vertical blinds have a choice of hundreds of different fabrics, each with different characteristics including blackout vertical blinds, anti-bacterial vertical blinds, anti-ligature vertical blinds and screen fabric vertical blinds.

Our Venetian blinds are manufactured to the highest standards and come in a huge range of different colours and styles, including 25mm Venetian blinds, 35mm Venetian blinds, 50mm Venetian blinds and more. Our Venetian blinds also have many different types of slat including perforated and metallic finishes.

Our commercial curtains are hugely popular with a large range of different applications at Schools, Offices, Meeting rooms, Hotels and Student Accommodation all over the country. Our commercial curtains are available in a huge range of fabrics including blackout curtains, Anti-ligature curtains, sound and acoustic curtains and many other different types of fabric, most of which are flame retardant. We also have a large selection of curtain tracks including corded curtain track, un-corded track and electrically operated curtain track.

We supply and install a very large range of Anti-ligature products aimed at the Health sector. These include Anti-ligature vertical blinds, Anti-ligature roller blinds and Anti-ligature curtains. These Anti-ligature blinds are child safe by design and are suitable for use in Hospitals, Mental Health facilities and many other applications.

We supply and install Cassetted blackout blinds in Schools and Laboratories where 100% blackout is essential. These can be crank handle, chain or electrically operated. Cassetted blackout blinds are an excellent way of completely darkening a room whilst still be able to open the blinds and let the light in if necessary.

We also supply and fit Pleated blinds, Woodslat blinds, Perfect-fit blinds and much more in Swindon, Bristol, London and anywhere in between! Please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

Please the table below for more information about the specific types of blinds that we offer.


Roller blinds

We supply and fit roller blinds for every type of school, college, office, workshop, meeting room or any other commercial property. Roller blinds are probably the most popular and versatile of all the blinds systems that we do.  If you want shading, then you can probably use a roller blind to provide a solution.  Wherever they go, they always look the part. Whether in schools to provide shading or for internal windows in large, state-of-the-art offices to provide security, you will find roller blinds.  With over 400 different fabrics to select from, with blackout and screen fabrics to anti-bacterial coatings and heat reducing backings, Thamesdown will always have a fabric in a colour of your choice that will solve your issues!  



We supply and fit many different types of vertical blinds for schools, offices and many other types of commercial buildings. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular types of blinds out there.  Looking contemporary and suitable for a wide range of applications including in schools offices and hospitals, vertical blinds provide a huge range of solutions to window shading issues.  With hundreds of different fabrics to choose from, in either 89mm or 127mm widths, we provide vertical blinds to suit almost any situation.  Vertical blinds have the ability to be able to cover very wide windows which makes them extremely useful and versatile as well as practical and robust. 



Venetian blinds are perhaps the most modern and contemporary looking type of blind with its narrow headrail and thin slats.  They add a look of quality and modernise any location where they are installed and provide a unique privacy at all times. With a vast range of different slat colours and properties, ranging from heat reflective backings to perforated slats, they will be a type of slat suitable for almost every application.  Venetian blinds are ideal for locations where shading is necessary but you still want to be able to look out of the windows, as they can be open and still offer certain amounts of shading.  They are very versatile and will suit any type of building or decor whether it be modern or more traditional.



Pleated blinds are great in providing shading on skylight windows and conservatory roofs.  But what is not commonly realised is that they are brilliant for standard windows as well.  They provide excellent shading solutions and are suitable for many different applications.  With an extensive range of different fabrics available including blackout, honeycomb and anti-microbial backings there will be a pleated blind fabric to match your requirements, whatever they are.  'Honeycomb' pleated blinds are the best solution for light and heat issues in skylight windows as they are made up of two different layers of fabric that traps heat and light in between, resulting in very effective heat and light reducing solutions.  Pleated blinds can also be cord controlled and are ideal for opening windows and doors.

20190326_124453 (1).jpg


Our cassette blackout blind systems are very popular in school science laboratories and studios.  We can guarantee 100% blackout on our systems and there is an extensive range of options including chain operation, crank handle operation and electrical operation.  We can provide almost any of our large range of roller blind fabrics in cassette blackout blinds and we use only the highest quality components.  On electrical blinds we use the market leading brand of motors, Somfy.  Our cassette blackout blinds are fitted with head-boxes, side channels and bottom channels to ensure that the blinds are 100% blackout.  Our cassette system does not have to be used in conjunction with a blackout fabric but to ensure satisfaction we would always recommend a blackout fabric was used.



Woodslat blinds are a modern and contemporary looking blind that are suitable for a vast range of applications.  Looking just as stylish in an office or boardroom as in a lounge or bedroom, woodslat blinds come in wide range of colours and options including different coloured ladder tapes and a large range of different coloured head-boxes and controls.  Our woodslat blinds are manufactured from real wood to the very highest standards.  We supply and install woodslat blinds into many different types of buildings including offices, homes and public buildings.



Perfect Fit blinds fit perfectly into most windows!  There is no need for any drilling as they can be fixed to your windows or doors via a magnetic strip or metal brackets inserted into the beading on the windows.  They are a very effective solution to fitting blinds to opening doors and windows and they look modern and neat.  With the option of putting either venetian blinds, roller blinds or pleated blinds inside the Perfect fit frame there are many different options and colours to suit many different scenarios. Perfect fit blinds are contemporary, practical and durable for use in a large range of applications including commercial buildings and domestic dwellings.

Anything that's not on there that should be? Please let us know what more we can offer you......

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