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Here at Thamesdown we understand that blinds or curtains may not be the ideal solution for every situation. That is why we offer a large and comprehensive range of window films for a huge range of different applications. Our films come in a huge range of different colours and specifications to suit every different environment. From heat and glare reducing films to blast and impact proof films we have a solution for your specific need. Please read on for more information on the different types of film that we offer.

Interior Windows

Glare Reducing Window Films

Sunlight is a major disturbance in many offices, boardrooms, schools and other buildings all over the country. Whether you love sunlight or hate it, when it shines on your computer screen or into your eyes, something has to be done about it because it would be affecting your productivity! Window films are a great way of reducing glare on a semi-permanent basis, especially if you still want to let natural light through. We offer a huge range of different window films to reduce the glare of the sun, all with varying degrees of transparency depending on how much light you want to block out.

Heat Reducing Window Films

Heat build up is a major issue in many different buildings, whether the windows face North, South, East or West! Whatever the time of year some buildings have excess heat build up that needs to be be reduced, especially in buildings with large areas of glass like conservatories. We provide different types of films to help reduce the heat build up in your building to enable you to be more comfortable all year around.

Security/Safety/Impact Resistant Window Films

Whether accidental damage or deliberate, glass is expensive to replace so we offer a large range of films to help strengthen, hold together and protect glass. Ranging from standard protective film to protect against small impacts and prevent chipping and cracking, to ultra heavy duty films to withstand bomb-blasts and deliberate violence. We supply a range of different types of films that are suitable for a huge variety of applications to protect your glass all year around. 

Privacy Window Films

In some areas neither heat nor light nor protection are issues, all that's required is privacy. This is why we offer a range of window films that have different levels of opacity, which are suitable for many different applications where an office, room or area needs be able to seen out from and not into, and vice-versa. These are ideal for offices where sensitive meetings are held or in private offices to reduce distractions.

There are many other different types of films that we do and that we have not mentioned on this list. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your window film requirements today. 

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