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Here at Thamesdown we also supply curtains for the healthcare sector. These include cubicle curtains and disposable curtains. Our disposable curtains can be used with a variety of different tracks and rails and have several important features:

  • Anti-microbial protection

  • 100% recyclable

  • Easy to fit

  • Flame-retardant

  • Pre-fitted date labels and hold backs

Hospital Corridor

These curtains are for providing privacy to patients and ensuring that they have the dignity and respect that they are entitled to at all times. Disposable curtains work out cheaper in the long run against having fabric curtains that have to be washed regularly and there are other benefits to having disposable curtains as well:

They always look fresh and new (because they are!)

Disposable curtains have permanent creases which mean that they always fold back neatly.

We can supply and install a large variety of curtains rails and tracks as well, including curtain tracks for hospital wards and surgeries. These come in a large range of different options including curved and straight rails of many different lengths.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our disposable curtains and disposable curtain tracks for  hospitals, surgeries and other healthcare providers.

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